The Quad Plate is a universal mounting platform and stabilising rig for videographers and photographers. Today DSLR use has increased dramatically and the market for accessories is constantly changing. With our increased mobile use and functionality comes new innovative ideas to use and experiment with this technology.

Today there are many mobile applications that can control your Pro-Sumer level DSLR and change its factory feature settings to something only high end models offer. As phones and devices are being connected to cameras more often, the problem is where to securely mount them to allow access to both the mobile device and camera. To fulfil this need the Quad Plate was formed.

The modular plate design is a simple yet effective way to mount, position and use multiple devices on a single platform. The flexible product allows the user to mount multiple variations of camera components and equipment in new ways that were not previously possible. When four of the modular pieces are fixed together it will create a stabilised steady rig for filmmakers. This circular yet geometric form was inspired from a similar accessory known as a Fig rig. The premise is simple, mounting a camera in a larger object allows the user to naturally stabilise the footage by using their arms, resulting in an effortlessly stabilised video.  The plate itself is manufactured using 5mm aluminium which has been laser cut and machined to fit the unique form. Each piece has several ¼" mount slots that fit the standard camera tripod thread making it easy to fit to nearly any tripod accessory, allowing the user to attach and mount varying devices.