The Memragon bowl started as an art project. The idea behind it came from a simple beginning, Memory. Initially the project was looked through the more traditional sense of memory focusing on personal memories or memories we store in the synapsis in our brain. However the outlook changed and instead the focus became Digital Memory. With this idea abstract forms of digital memory were cast together into a geometric form giving the Memragaon Bowl.

The design is made completely out of copper sheet metal. The bowl is hydraulically pressed into an acyclic CNC cut mould that was designed using CAD. The singular piece of copper has been annealed and re-pressed many times to collect the complex shape left by the CNC. The bowl itself is then finished with a tumbled (Polished) or lime sulphur coating. The object represents the modern digital-age machining techniques combined with the ancient material of copper and is perfect for keys, jewellery or to hold that loose change.