The Italic Lamp is an adjustable contemporary desk lamp with a USB charging port to charge your devices. The design came about for the need of a simple desk lamp that can be adjusted to suit different needs while also assisting the never ending urge to charge our power hungry devices.

The simple timber construction contains three major components. These parts break down to a light & electronic housing, dowel support structure and weighted base. These components are easily dismantled and allow the lamp to be completely packed into a standard postal tube. The ease of shipment and user construction makes this an ideal product to be shipped worldwide. 

The internal electronics consist of a single bright array of LED’s in cool white, complimented by a high output (2A) USB charging port on the rear head of the lamp to charge your iPhone or iPad. The switch on the top of the lamp is independent of the charger so there is no need to keep the lamp on while charging. The simple dowel join allows the lamp head to be rotated 360 degrees and as the head turns the height of the lamp is adjusted. This is achieved by the specific angle the light sits at (Which also gives it great balance and stability). Coupled with this the base is weighted down with three steel plates to keep it from falling over- even on extreme angles. Tasmanian Oak is used for all of the timber needs which gives the product a modern look with is gorgeous light timber grain. The dowel construction allows for a simple yet elegant use of colour expresion through the design.