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A complete front and rear facia replacement for the Landrover Defender, fitting all wagon, pickup and short wheel base models from 1991, all the way to 2014. This modern lighting upgrade will update and completely transform the Landrover Defender. It provides the Defender with modern lighting features such as LED daylight runtime lamps, light bar technology and new LED high/low projector lenses. This lighting package will directly replace the current front end and give the Landrover the update it’s needed for 25 years.

The front end design consists of corresponding front headlamps and grill. Utilising the iconic round headlamps as a base, the design evolved through removing unnecessary elements from the old design and integrating new modern features and lighting equipment. 
The main frame of the design is to be built from a reinforced ABS housing using a thick uni-body aluminium frame. This recessed design allows all of the vital front end components to be safeguarded in minor accidents, protecting components such as the radiator and front headlamps.
The original and outdated halogen lamps have been replaced with new LED technology which supplies both the high powered LED driving lamps, high beam lights and the low powered DRL (daylight runtime lamps) which are on whenever the vehicle is active. These added safety lamps increase the visibility for both the driver and oncoming traffic in day or night.

The front side indicators have been removed as a separate component and integrated within the top DRL. This simplifies the design aesthetic and creates a firm and aggressive look for the front end of the Defender. 
Light bars on either side of the vehicle have been incorporated into the design acting as a secondary high beam or more commonly used as a spotlight replacement on country roads or dark highways. This technology is becoming increasingly popular in the aftermarket sector due to its immense light output and visibility, hence a heavily stolen item from vehicles. With these built in, it not only drastically decreases the chance of theft but also allows the light bars to be protected from abrasions or damage caused by four-wheel driving.

The new concept design for the back end of the Landrover Defender would replace all rear light and number plate mounting points. Originally these were a primitive design and were not built to keep up with the constantly changing and evolving automotive industry. The new concept totally removes the stock components and replaces them with a new mounting structure designed to fit nearly all Defenders from the past 20 years.
The recessed mounting plate covers up all of the original mount points and retrofits a rear lighting setup. The rear tail lamps themselves are substantially larger than before. Increasing the size has improved the rear visibility of the vehicle immensely, making it safer and smarter. 
The rear lights use LED dual phase technology to integrate bright efficient tail lamps that give greater warning to the car behind of the Defender drivers intentions, an improvement to safety for not just the driver but surrounding traffic also. This is because of the fast and instantaneous nature of LEDs (from pedal to light).

The design follows a similar aesthetic to the front lamps using a sweeping curve, following the contours of the vehicle. The rear integrated LED indicators are embedded seamlessly within the lights adding to the simplicity of the design.
The rear reverse lamps have also been improved by incorporating light bar technology to provide bright white light and excellent visibility when reversing. The left and right side of the lights also house different frames. One housing the numberplate and the other the rear fog light with the Defender badge. The frames were carefully thought out and took into consideration the number plate and surrounding components, making it part of the design as opposed to an afterthought.